Conservation – what we do

Improve habitats:  We carry out work to make sure that our different habitats can be at their best to support as much wildlife as possible.  In the summer we cut Bracken in the same areas every year to make sure that other, less common, plants can grow.  We also let certain areas of grass grow through the summer to ensure that there are plenty of flowers for feeding butterflies, moths and bees.  In the winter we could be clearing scrub, cutting back trees to allow light or creating new woodpiles for minibeasts.


Recording species:   Results can tell us how well species are doing and how effective our habitat management is.  We survey birds, butterflies, moth and reptiles.  Any sightings can go down in our records so if you see something interesting do tell us.  All our records go to the relevant national organisations or South West Wales Biological Records Centre.  Click on the logo below to see how you can submit records where you live:





Education:  by doing both of these we are able to hold public events like Reptile Rambles to show visitors our amazing wildlife. We also run sessions for schools to give children a valuable experience of wildlife up-close. 

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Once a year our Conservation Rangers compile our Annual Wildlife Report which is a digest of the year’s work with local volunteers & staff to monitor and encourage wildlife.

View our 2016 Annual Wildlife Report here

View our 2015 Annual Wildlife Report here


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