Frequently Asked Questions


Do you only take christian groups?

No, we have groups from many different organisations stay on site schools, youth groups, athletic groups, scout groups and church groups. 


Do we have to use your caterers?

No, we have caterers that can cater for you if you wish, but you are equally welcome to cater for yourselves.


Do you only do residentials, or can we come for the day?

You can come for the day, depending on other bookings. For day visits we would need to know at least a month in advance of your numbers and intentions.


Can we come for my child's birthday party?

Of course! Tell us in advance of your special occasion and we can tailor our activities and meals for your guest of honour. Have a look at our birthday party information poster!


How do I book?

You can book over the phone, but the easiest, and our preferred method is our online booking form, found here.


Will I have to share?           

You don't have to share, we may ask you if you'd mind site sharing, this is more likely if your group is under 30 people. We have facilities for 2 groups to share comfortably, without actually sharing dormitories or meeting rooms.

To guarantee sole use you will be asked to pay for 65 in the high summer, 60 during summer months, and 40 at other times. If you did site share you would have your own bedrooms, and kitchen and meeting room. Other areas of the site, such as Sports Barn, Chapel, Firepit, would need to be shared with the other group. 


We want to cater for ourselves, what's in the kitchen?

Full details showing the facilities of our main kitchen can be found here. We also have a smaller, fully equipped, separate kitchen.


How is fuel charged to our bill?

There is no longer an extra charge for fuel.

How much is the deposit?

Your deposit will be £50 per night, this will remain unchanged in the new year.


How much do you charge per night?

All of our charges and costs can be checked here. If you are still unsure about how our fees work, give us a ring; 01792 386 291.

Will the tide be in or out during our stay? We use the Gower Live website to check tide times.
How do we get to you? For detailed directions, check our directions page here.


If you are at all unsure about anything St Madoc related, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01792 386291

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